Catalan clusters. Here we are:

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About us

The catalan cluster network is a group of 30 clusters that represent different business areas catalana with specific weight within the Catalan industry.


We all share a group of values and goals derived from a fundamental one: the improvement of business competitiveness.


From this point, each of us structure an organization lead by a set of business members and focused in running a work plan.


This work plan is translated into a service portfolio that includes, as basic elements, strategyinnovationinternationalisation, but itcan also include networkingtraining and visibility.


All 29 clusters have an established track record within we have structured both collective and individual projects that have allowed an effective improvement on the competitiveness of many companies in Catalonia.



Our vocation is to keep working with this clear goal, implying more and more companies and having a bigger incidence in the Catalan business sector.

Why the Catalan Clusters Network

All 30 cluster members that belong to the Network we believe in what we do, we work in shared projects and we want to disseminate them. These objectives are in the base of the agreement to create the Catalan Clusters Network.



We meet periodically in order to start projects between clusters, give them visibility, share resources and make easier to our members the access to other clusters. This network hasn’t legal identity.



Companies in our clusters

Check the members of each cluster at our websites (See contact)