Why to become member of a cluster

A cluster is neither a traditional nor a trade association. A cluster is an organization oriented to business and to the development of appropriate tools to improve companies’ competitiveness.


Thus, being member of a cluster means being able to take part in individual and collective projects always related to a business sector: understand its trends, develop capabilities to face them, innovate in products, services or strategies, attend international markets, train the staff, and develop partnerships.

How a cluster affects its environment

Although the cluster benefits individually and differentially its members, it is indubitable that it also has an incidence in everything that surrounds each cluster business.



In this way the cluster runs and structures projects in order to develop the business’ entire environment (institutions, research centres, educational centres, administrations and other companies) so that the entire business sector becomes more competitive and adapts to new needs.

"Becoming member of a cluster enhances new business opportuinities"